7th Tipperary Cahir Scout Group

7th Tipperary Scout Group, Cahir



The 7th Tipperary Scout Group was established in 1932.


The original Scout Den was built and opened in 1982, however disaster struck in 2001 when our Scout Den had to be demolished after a boundary wall collapsed on it, rendering it unsafe for use. The den was subsequently demolished and the 7th Tipperary Scout Group was left homeless. The Scout Group has had a number of stop gap homes since the demolition of the old den which have been wholly unsuitable for the activities of our group. We have been campaigning and fundraising hard ever since, in the hope of being able to build a modern den, purpose built to suit our activities as well as for the other like-minded organisations within the area and a host of other local clubs and Scouting Groups from all over the world.