Aavaaz The Music Academy

178/1/1, Uthuwankanda road,, 10120 Battaramulla

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Aavaaz is an institution setup for the teaching of it’s students the proper method of Indian classical music.


Aavaaz The Music Academy was founded in Nimantha Heshan


The Institution was founded in 2006 according to the ideologies of Nimanth Heshan with Indian Classical, Western Classical and new technologies used to produced sounds that also give the music its basic qualities. Since we don’t have a particular Sri Lankan Classical style of music, a vocalist would find it very hard to go to extremes unlike with Indian classical music where it is wide ranged with many aspects such as variations, improvisation and note differences. Indian classical music is one of the five main music system or structures of the world, and anyone training vocals through this type which is an ancient style would surely develop his or her voice to a very high standard, but in Sri Lanka only a few institution would give its know all to its students while others leave behind elements as mysteries. Likewise musicians too don’t have the privilege in developing their skills due to these aspects mentioned before. If there were any institution of this kind still around it would be taken over by businessmen who commercialize every bit of music with no impact spiritually, and lyrics that are meaningless bringing the quality of the music way down which the new generation of listeners, students and even musicians have not realized due to the lack of knowledge of the true classical music styles, be it Indian or western. Flaws like these have made us Aavaaz setup the institution to bring out the best of a musician not only abilities and talent but human qualities which bring out the true musician, guided by university qualified lecturers and professors.


Voice Training (Indian, Western), Guitar Classes, Violin Classes, Piano Classes, Dancing, and much more..