Buchanan s Brewery

Twee Jonge Gezellen Road, 6820 Tulbagh, Western Cape, South Africa

☎: 0824114236



An exclusive range of unique ales and ciders, handcrafted in the Tulbagh Valley


Buchanan s Brewery was founded in Founded in 2015. Official launch June 2016


Hi to all the beer lovers out there. I’m Rod Buchanan and I am finally getting to live out my passion which is making great quality, tasty, craft beer. I am an optometrist by profession and although fulfilling I got tired of selling people things they needed but didn’t want! My wife, Marika, and I have been living in Tulbagh for over 11 years and after going through the usual dream of a small farm with holiday cottages and a vineyard to make wine we sold up and bought a small share in a friend’s fruit farm where we have built a beautiful home with a microbrewery attached to it! We will be making several different styles of beer and with the abundance of fruit around us, some interesting ciders as well. We hope you will enjoy sharing this journey with us and welcome any comments and constructive criticism of our products. Cheers Rod and Marika Buchanan


MISS MOLLY - A medium bodied ale brewed in the Belgian Pale Ale style with a slightly sweeter maltiness THE BRUNO - A medium bodied ale brewed in the Belgian Pale Ale style with a little extra hops kick SONS OF STOUT - A medium to full bodied sweet stout with powerful roasted flavours WINTER ALE - A light bodied ale brewed with wheat malt and flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, orange zest and honey.