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Understanding Enlightenment and Response Ability.
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Changing Mind was founded in Ne'ith Arrow


Become the Journey with Changing Mind, a 52 day on-line interactive Rites of Passage with the enlightening teachings of the Medicine Wheel, Shamanism, Alchemy, Buddhism and More.

ENLIGHTENMENT is not something hovering beyond your reach, it is something deep inside you. Certainly Enlightenment comes out for air from time to time, and poses itself as a far away star. This is simply to coax your longing for it. The truth of that matter is that it is within your reach. You are the champagne pool upon which Enlightenment is the bridge, or dock. Some people live there up to 70% of the time. Others come and go. It is my intention, purpose and expertise to engineer that bridge for you. All that is required is your full cooperation.

It is has been said by Bertrand Russell, 'The only thing that will save humanity is Cooperation.' In the spirit of Cooperation comes expanded realms of knowledge, awareness and experiences that in turn enables you with expanded understanding of who and what you are in relation to the greater whole.


And this is a good thing, until that changes. You already know you are capable of a Changing Mind for do you change your mind countless times a day. You have the experience necessary to do this.

Christ did not know he could not walk on water. But he did it just the same.

Thoughts do not come from you, they move through you. So does Experience, the Mother of All Teachers, funnel and exchange ancient knowledge through you which spans beyond the confines of time, matter and space. This 52 day journey to reach your enlightenment will wind and unwind the Changing Mind through a landscape of thought forms so mundanely profound, so unexpectedly obvious and so terribly hilarious that you will know something is “up” – that paradoxical lift that affords you easeful access to to experiencing enlightenment. It is in you to become Enlightened.

Thoughts can be sticky. The trick is to keep them moving so as not to create traffic jams within you and get "stuck". If you are going to stick with something, stick with me on this journey and you will lighten up in 52 days. A star is struck, not stuck.

The world we will embark on is filled with wonder and fascination. We will travel the eight-fold path which branches out into a myriad of ways for your imagination to follow. You will be taken where you are taken, those places where you are possessed or obsessed. We will exchange your cravings, sacrifice them, for space to be filled with your traveling Spirit and in turn alleviate your addictions and obsessions. Whether you wish to lose weight, attract a partner, get ahead in business or be in service in some other way, you will find your way with this course.

A teaching is a teaching until you have experienced it. Then it becomes knowledge. At the end of these 52 days, you will have the experience of Enlightenment. What you do with it, it up to you. Basically, you are hiring me to help you build your bridge which in turn will bridge your dualistic existence. In the course of this journey you will be given practical instructions for reaching Enlightenment and sustaining this as your natural habitat. You will also receive a light shamanic initiation.

If you are having trouble accepting this opportunity to reach for your Enlightenment, consider this: "If There is a Problem, it is due to your unquestioned thinking." Byron Katie

Inquiry leads to knowledge. Knowledge, put into action, leads to Intelligence - the stuff the Universe is made of. You might think that Enlightenment is something beyond you. The Truth is that it is IN you and needs only to be activated by your cooperation. What if you were enlightened? What would that be worth to you? What is the cost to you and your family, to the planet, of you not being enlightened?


There is no point in feeding a butterfly what a caterpillar eats.


An Inklings Weave, The Shaman'ca Loop CD, The Thetabeta Word Inculcator
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