Coxen Hole, Roatan Excursions

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No matter your taste, we d like to suggest you take a peek at our excursions that will help you to make the most of your time on this lovely island.


When first approaching Roatan Island and the port of Coxen Hole, it is easy to see why this port has become such a favored destination. Mountainous, lush rain forest jungles, turquoise waters and white sandy beaches assure you that this will be a special visit. Vacationers come to this island year round and you ll soon discover why. No matter your taste, we d like to suggest you take a peek at our excursions that will help you to make the most of your time on this lovely island. This island is the largest of the seven Bay Islands just off Honduras. With a troubled history that includes pirating and slaves, it is now an eco-tourist s paradise. The island itself is an ancient coral reef and just off of its shores is the second largest coral reef in the world with amazing visibility. This combination makes water activities extra special and SCUBA divers and snorkelers from all over the world come to Roatan to view its diverse marine life, check out our Roatan Reef Snorkeling and Mayan Princess Resort Beach Break Excursion, Roatan Powerboat, Reefs, Shipwreck Snorkel and Private Beach Excursion or our Roatan 2 Tank Certified SCUBA Dive Excursion and Mayan Princess Beach Break for experiencing the amazing turquoise waters. Water sports, jungle adventures and sightseeing are the three most popular Coxen Hole Excursions on Roatan. Whether you are a deep sea fisherman, enjoy the thrill of speed boats, or just enjoy the leisure of snorkeling, we ll have the perfect excursion to match such as our Roatan Private Deep Sea Fishing Charter Excursion. Since Roatan became such a tourist attraction other adventures have been developed as well including zip lines like on our Roatan Jungle Zip Line Adventure Excursion, sightseeing in the mangroves while on our Roatan Eco Walkways, Treetop Suspension Bridges and Zip Line Adventure Excursion, horseback riding and all-inclusive day passes at fabulous resorts. You ll find plenty to do here and all with a backdrop of breathtaking beauty. The native language would seem as if it should be Spanish, but due to the history of Roatan, there are a number of languages used. However, English is often the common language in more populated areas. The local currency is the Lemur, but US dollars are often accepted, however, they need to be in good condition. Bills with rips and flaws might well be turned away. But, if that s the only thing one has to worry about, then your visit is certain to be memorable. Enjoy your stay on the lovely island of Roatan and our Coxen Hole Cruise Excursions! Fun Fact: Coxen Hole was named after the pirate, Captain John Coxen, who was just one of the over 5,000 pirates who have made this their home over the centuries.