D Koffie Shop

28 John Gainsford street, 7560 Brackenfell

☎: 0219818637


Restaurant Specialties

Breakfast, Coffee, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks


Menu D’ KOFFIE SHOP PETIT DéJOUNER / BREAKFASTS Quick and Easy R20.00 One egg crispy bacon breakfast sausage grilled tomato and toast Breakfast pancake or Wrap R32.00 Creamy scrambled egg with diced bacon sautéed mushrooms and cream cheese French breakfast R36.00 Two slices of toast dipped in creamy scrambled egg served with grilled banana crispy bacon and maple syrup D’Koffie Farmhouse Breakfast R45.00 Two eggs crispy bacon sautéed mushrooms breakfast sausages tomato relish and toast Optional Extra’s Mushrooms R10.00 Cheese R12.00 SANDWICHED GRILLES / TOASTED SANDWICHES All sandwiches are served with chef’s side salad or a small chips. Choose between white or whole wheat bread, or a delicious tramezini (Add R4) Rich cheddar rosa tamotoe and gypsey ham R23.00 Bacon Avacado & Feta (Avacado seasonal) R34.00 Bacon cheese Banana R28.00 Chicken Mayonaise R26.00 Tuna Mayonaise R26.00 D’KOFFIE WRAPS Wraps are served with a side portion of the chefs salad of the day Butternut Wrap R32.00 Oven roasted butternut sweet peppers basil pesto and feta cheese Spicy chicken Wrap R44.00 Tender strips of chicken with assorted grilled peppers peppadew and feta Salami Wrap R46.00 Crevelat salami wrapped up with mozzarella cheese and basil pesto mayo D’Koffie Gourmet Wrap R50.00 Grilled chicken strips diced bacon assorted peppers peppadew avocado and feta D’Koffie Pies R15.00 Cheese Russian griller, chicken mushroom, feta and spinach, pepper steak and prime steak D’Koffie Chips Small R10.00 Medium R15.00 Large R20.00 BONBONS / SWEETS D’Koffie cake and dessert table R26.00 Please take a look at our beautiful cake display to make your selection D’Koffie T 4 2 R40.00 One pot of Ceylon tea and two medium slices of the cake of the day to share D’Koffie High T 4 2 R50.00 One pot of Ceylon tea with a savoury treat of the day and a slice of our cake of the day – to share D’KOFFIE HIGH TEA PARTIES AND CATERING Our beautiful cakes and meals are available for any of the following functions: Kitchen Tea Parties Hight Tea Birthday Parties Stork Parties Birthday Parties REPAS DE LUMIéRE / LIGHT MEALS SAVOURY PANCAKES – 1 PANCAKE PER PERSON Savoury Beef mince with cheese sauce R22.00 Chicken Mayonaise with red peppers R22.00 Butternut baby marrow sautéed mushrooms and feta Pancake with chunky cottage cheese R22.00 2 Pancakes with ice cream R26.00 SALADES / SALADS Grilled spicy chicken salad R48.00 Strips of succulent chicken fillets served on a bed of crisp salad greens roasted peppers peppadews and feta Roast vegetable and couscous salad R40.00 Oven roasted vegetables with rocket and herb infused couscous BOISSONS / BEVERAGES Hot beverages Filter Coffee R12.00 Decaf R14.00 Café Americano R14.00 Café Latte R18.00 Café Moccha R18.00 Cappuccino R15.00 Espresso R12.00 Red Cappucinno R15.00 Red Latte R20.00 Brazillian Hazelnut R20.00 French Café Moccha R20.00 Tea – Ceylon of Rooibos R12.00 Earl Grey, Vanilla, Green tea, Chamomile R14.00 Other Beverages Sodas – 340ml cans R12.00 Milkshakes – Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry R20.00 Ice Coffee R20.00 Smoothies – Tropical, Mango, Orange,Strawberry R24.00 Appletizer, Red and White Grapetizer R14.00 Fresh Fruit Juice R18.00 Water – Still and Sparkling R10.00