Dynamic Talent

107, Alwis Town, Hendala, Sri Lanka

☎: +94 11 2930658



We offer training programs and services in developing music skills and competencies.


Dynamic Talent was founded in Jayamal Jayaweera


Music is a universal language that is capable of binding the cultures, thoughts, emotions and perceptions of man seamlessly. The depth in music surpasses all other forms of vibrations and can act as the intrinsic leveler that eases off the adverse effects of living in this turbulent world. We believe that those who are gifted with the talents of music are truly beings capable of understanding the sensitivities of human beings and hence have the insight required to live in harmony, both with self as well as with others. At DYNAMIC TALENT our mission is to help develop these inherent musical skills. Therefore, come, join us and expand your talents in music so that you are able to experience the serenity and self esteem that music can bring into your life.


Our mission is to assist in the development of music skills and competencies in people.


- Piano for Examinations and School Curriculum - Piano for Leisure - Organ, Flute, Violin, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Melodica, Piano Accordion - Vocals – Choral, Solo, Duets - Orchestra - Music Compositions and Audio Recording