Eagle Encounters

Spier Wine Farm, Baden Powell Dr, 7603 Stellenbosch, Western Cape

☎: 0840375523



Join us for interactive flying shows (our birds fly TO you), handle snakes & lizards, & hold majestic eagles. Hands-on wildlife fun!


Eagle Encounters was founded in 12th December 2001

General Info

Open Monday to Sunday from 09:30 to 17:00. Only closed on Christmas Day. Flying Shows at 11:00, 14:00, 15:00 & 16:00 daily. Porcupine Playtime at 11:30 & 15:10 daily. Eagle Personal Encounters anytime. Owl, snake, lizard & bunny encounters anytime. Fred Flintstone type jungle-gym available for kids. Find out about our school group educationals, Private Viewings and birthday parties.


Eagle Encounters receives around 200 injured, poisoned, abandoned and illegally hand-raised birds of prey annually. Our main objective always is to rehabilitate and release as efficiently as possible. We are proud of our 65% release rate. Only those birds and animals that have been illegally hand-reared (therefore human-imprinted) call Eagle Encounters their permanent home. These animals become ambassadors for their species, as they are the stars of our education and eco-tourism programs. Eagle Encounters functions as part of a network of organizations (including Cape Nature and the SPCA) who all have the wellbeing of our wildlife at heart. Through various conservation programs (such as owl box manufacture & installation, ringing, nest recording, outreaches, etc.) we are trying to ensure that our future generations will also get to enjoy our amazing wildlife. We are for animals!

Company Overview

Eagle Encounters is a self-funded, non-profit wildlife rehabilitation, release, conservation, education & eco-tourism organization. We specialize in birds of prey.


To establish and maintain a high standard, multi-faceted organization equipped for wildlife rehabilitation, release training, conservation, breeding, education & eco-tourism. We believe that, by bringing people and animals closer together, we can make a difference.


We manufacture & install Nest Boxes for both the Spotted Eagle Owl & Barn Owl. R500 per box R300 per installation Fuel additional only if further than 60 km from Spier.