Elegapro Painters

Block 7 Lot 25 East II Camella, 4102 Bacoor, Cavite

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Price Range

$$ (10-30)


At ELEGAPRO PAINTERS our reputation is our fundamental principle your assurance and certitude of a job well done.


THE FOUNDER OF ELEGAPRO PAINTERS The men behind ELEGAPRO PAINTERS has so much passion and dedication. The men of ELEGAPRO has very rich experience when it comes to painting and construction business. They are working as a team to ensure that the company is not only doing well but also giving convenience, fast and a very high satisfactory service. ELEGAPRO has so much dedication in every project that we are getting. We are working with professional painting experts. We cannot commit mistake. We pledge to deliver superior service that is on time and on budget. As we always say... CONSIDER IT DONE!!! Our company’s mission is not only to color your house. We intent to bring an exultant delighted and full of contentment to each and every customers home. We know you always want an elegant finish. That is why the ELEGAPRO is the fast and right service for you. That is also why every paint jobs that the company handles is always an elegant MASTERPIECE. ELEGAPRO aims to put life and color in every house or establishment that we paint. We will give you ELEGANCE by our PROFESSIONAL painters. ONCE WE GIVE OUR WORD TO YOU... CONSIDER IT DONE. WE ARE AT YOUR SERVICE YOU CAN COUNT ON US ANYTIME If you’re not available or busy at the moment. You can call us in our business number during business hours (8:00am-5:00pm) to entertain your question and if ever you want to arrange appointment to us. We can always send someone, if ever you have a problem with your paint job or if you would like an estimate or color consultant. WE WORK FROM DETAILED WRITTEN PROPOSALS You can be sure that you are dealing with well trained professionals. Everything that you want and we’ve agreed will be detailed in a contract. And this contract will be our basis for a job well done. OUR COMPANY IS YOUR RELIANCE There will be an assigned, jobsite personnel that will ensure that everything are working, smoothly and perfectly from the start up to the finish. A jobsite supervisor makes sure that our company will address all your questions and concerns. After the job has been done and the paint has dried. Our supervisor again will conduct an inspection to make sure that we had completed and delivered good service with you high satisfaction. WE OFFER CONVENIENCE, SECURITY AND SAFETY After hearing all your demands, you can make sure that you just wait and relax for the job to be done. You can be sure that our painters are not only professionals. They are also persons of good characters. Parts of the house that does not need painting jobs will be a restricted area for them. We value your safety and our painters safety. They are well trained in using different tools and products. They are required to wear uniforms and safety gears. They are always reminded for their own safety. We also make sure that we use paints that will not harm your health. Let us help save our mother nature. So we use paints that are environmentally friendly. After all the painting jobs are done. All our materials are removed. And before you see the finish painting. We will do our own inspection. We want to make sure that our work is perfect and elegant first before you see finished painting jobs.