Esperanza Ragz

12 Theunissen Street, Panorama, 3880 Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal

☎: 073 267 3518


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Sweet Loving Ragdolls =^,^=


I have a great passion and great love for the Ragdoll breed! Mine is a small registered breeding program registered with the South African Cat Council. My aim is to breed sweet natured Pedigree kittens, brought up in my home to be loved from the moment they are born. Helping to let them grow into loving character that is unique to this breed. My breeding cats live in my home, and are from around the world to bring the best show standards. My first priority being their well being. For this reason, my cats are all tested negative for the HCM (feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), one of the most frequent genetic dideases that affects this race. Regarding t the Ragdoll, I operate a selection geared to give emphasis to the morphology of the head, as well as the coat color of cats; I do my best so that these characters match as closely as possible to the ideal standard of the breed. I adhere strictly to the breeding standards set out in the South African Cat Councils code of conduct. Lastly the name of my cattery, Esperanza which means hope in Spanish. This was the farm and business that my dear dad had until he passed away in August 2012. We have the hope that he will through this cattery never be forgotten.