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GREEN TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT (HIDROCARBON REFRIGERANT)IMSB is a Malaysian company that specializes in reducing energy consumption for commercial properties by increasing the efficiency of their air-conditioning systems. With affiliate offices in Malaysia. IMS


IMSB Group was founded in MR.AFFENDI MOHD DILIF


ISUNSG MANAGEMENT SDN BHD(IMSB)’ proven and hassle-free energy savings solution has helps companies reduce power consumption and costs effectively. Savings Targeted at Your Air-conditioning System For many businesses, factories, commercial building, service apartments, Hotels, Hospitals or Manufacturing Plants, the largest consumer of electricity is air-conditioning. Research has shown that energy used in cooling generally accounts for 60%-70% of a property s total energy consumption. That s more than half of your total energy bill. About us IMSB is a Malaysian company that specializes in reducing energy consumption for commercial properties by increasing the efficiency of their air-conditioning systems. With affiliate offices in Malaysia. IMSB has implemented its hydrocarbon refrigerant technology and achieved a minimum of 12% savings for clients in diverse industries of manufacturing, retail, hospitality and more. Besides using only premium blends of hydrocarbon, the highly experienced team of engineers and technicians ensure the safest and most effective use of the product to deliver the best possible results. IMSB is proud to be one of the pioneers in bringing this safe and effective energy saving solution to Asia.


Guaranteed Savings of At Least 12% IMSB utilizes hydrocarbon refrigerant technology to enhance the performance of your air-conditioners. They become more efficient and as a result, use less energy. As a guarantee, IMSB will help reduce your air-con power consumption by at least 12%. A Green Technology that Saves & Protects the environment. Besides enjoying savings, hydrocarbon refrigerant technology is a non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative to the soon-to-be-phased-out HCFCs and HFCs, R-22 and R-134a. Hydrocarbon has a very short atmospheric lifespan and does not contribute to global warming, an environmental problem that is garnering worldwide and local government attention and policy support. Hydrocarbon Refrigerant – Efficacy & Worldwide Acceptance The product and service IMSB implement is hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant, a natural gas used in chillers and air-conditioners to provide cooling. HC refrigerant is endorsed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Australian International Institute of Refrigeration (AIRAH), and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The use of hydrocarbon in aircons is effective in reducing carbon emission levels and its accompanying global warming effects. Synthetic Freon refrigerants like R22 used in many aircon systems commonly leak or are released and trap heat within our atmosphere. The facts supporting this finding are conclusive, internationally recognized and widely available. My company, ISUNSG MANAGEMENT Sdn Bhd(IMSB) helps replace environmentally harmful synthetic refrigerants (HCFC R22) in existing cooling systems with HC refrigerants. Our clients are socially responsible companies and multinationals that exercise their prerogatives in implementing effective and safe green solutions. We help them achieve their corporate environmental goals that are supported by the initiatives of local authorities such as the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) the National Environment Agency (NEA). Several of my clients have been awarded the Green Mark accolade given by these Singapore authorities. Besides its green benefits, HC refrigerants enable the cooling system to work more efficiently and reduce energy consumption by up to 20 per cent. At the same time, we are reducing Malaysia’s carbon emission levels as agreed in the Copenhagen Convention. Every benefit offered by this product meets international and local environmental objectives, and helps reduce operational costs for businesses.