Isiwara Lanka Ayurveda

Police Bungalow Road • Beach Side, 12070 Moragalla, Sri Lanka

☎: +94 777 11 92 62



Ayurveda varieties and treatments. Ayurvedic treatment for health, nutrition, sustainable recuperation, accompanied by an experienced doctor and therapists


Ayurveda Treatment Center is situated on the beach, it has a very unique and natural charm. During a head massage you look at the sea and listening to the own thoughts that come and go with the waves. After a detailed initial consultation, pulse, iris and face-diagnosis, your health status and treatment target, the Ayurvedic doctor will produce your individual treatment plan. The Ayurvedic doctor personally supervises the therapists who have completed Ayurveda massage training. We offer various Ayurveda - variants and treatment packages. Ayurvedic treatment for your health, nutrition and sustainable recovery, accompanied by experienced Ayurvedic doctor with selected therapists! Ayurveda can help especially for the following diseases: • Allergies • adult-onset diabetes • Arthritis • Asthma • High blood pressure • Chronic intestinal inflammation • Depressed mood • Skin diseases (eg. As eczema, psoriasis) • cardiovascular complaints # • Headaches and migraines • Sinusitis • Rheumatism • Back pain • Sleep disorders • Metabolic disorders • Stress and Burnout