Jedtwa wild NPC 2015/245841/08

1066 Roossenekal, Mpumalanga, South Africa


Price Range

$$ (10-30)


Our focus in the rehabilitation center will be predominantly mamalia , reptilia and aves. And as many other species as possible


Jedtwa wild NPC 2015/245841/08 was founded in 2014

General Info

Opportunities Internships for learner veterinarians and veterinary assistants and wildlife managers, conservation students and Field guides. Creating awareness through volunteers and education There will always be a need for wildlife rehabilitation Ability to start off a wide variety of services; volunteer program, conservation program, endangered species program, schooling programs, guests, etc


Our primary focus at Jedtwa Wildlife Park predominantly focuses on Mammalia, Reptilia and Aves rehabilitation. Other species will be stabilized and transported to a rehabilitation Centre specializing in their particular species. Our work also involves relocation of “problem animals”. Covering Gauteng, adjoining provinces and possibly Swaziland and a part of Mozambique. It is important to build up and maintain a rehabilitation Centre which works professionally and provides optimal care; through clear protocols, working methods, communication and ethics. This rehabilitation Centre is both a haven where wildlife can roam free as well as a place for people to enjoy and learn at the same time. We will facilitate volunteers and guests, so that they can enjoy nature in its simplest form. Other non-hunting release area’s will be mapped and used when releasing on protected reserves is not possible. The primary aim of wildlife rehabilitation is always RELEASE. Rehabilitation is only successful when animals are released and is reproducing in its natural habitat. At this stage still the best way to monitor success in wildlife rehabilitation is evaluating and monitoring this individual is reproducing. Boma’s, enclosures and pits are adjusted to the specific needs and behavior of the species. Release will be made sure by keeping animals wild and not as pets. Protocols have been created to make sure injured, imprinted, orphaned and traumatized animals can be released. These protocols and daily treatment schedules are carefully followed, monitored and evaluated. Our rehabilitation Centre is here for all wildlife that falls victim of manmade hazards. Personal aims Our aims at the rehabilitation Centre are: Wildlife rehabilitation with high a standing ethics and with safe release area’s Creating awareness in conservation through education To change the views of citizens and international guests by creating awareness concerning Nature and Conservation To document the medical procedures, medication, protocols and techniques that work successfully so that crucial information to this relatively new field is expanded on Play our role in the conservation of our planet Create a safe haven for wildlife Run a rehabilitation Centre in best interest of the animals Raising the standards and set the standard in our industry Type of Business Our business is a trust (NPC 2015/245841/08) with a board of trustees. Objectives Wildlife rehabilitation is the temporary care and treatment of injured, orphaned and misplaced wild animals, with the primary aim being the release of healthy, viable animals back into suitable natural habitats. Rehabilitation of injured wildlife and their release back into the wild. Maintaining this professional organization that provides everything animals in our care need; knowledge of behaviour, biology, rehabilitation and understanding animal’s mannerisms. Conserve nature and wildlife Creating a safe haven for rehabilitated wildlife Rehabilitating wildlife with continuous evaluation of success Educate international and local members of the public about wildlife & nature and conservation. Employment and schooling of local community Reduce wildlife / human conflict; by projects and education of local community, as well as relocation of so called “problem animals”. Create awareness Get numbers of threatened wildlife up Source donations and raise capital for Nature conservation and rehabilitation Maintaining and enhancing a healthy gene bank. Environmentally friendly progress by installing solar panels, recycling, green transport measures etc. Keep high ethical standards as described in our code of conduct. Creating awareness for the need of conservation for wildlife and the environment through communication; lectures, volunteers, encouraging community support, media presence. Preventing wildlife injury & death through education and creating awareness, Removing animals from people s properties and communicating when neglect is present. This includes prevention against people keeping exotic animals as pets (mostly primates, meerkats and mongooses). Act according to conservation principles, medical standards and regulations Healthy relationships with involved people and organizations (sponsors, welfare organizations, the public, educational facilities, medical institutions, wildlife conservationists) Behave with care and respect towards all animals Adhere to wildlife rehabilitation standards and regulations Ensure high competence by our staff Contribute to education of wildlife professionals, volunteers, learners and local communities regarding to wildlife, rehabilitation and conservation Utilizing maximum resources to the rehabilitation of wildlife and the attainment of our goals whilst keeping costs to a minimum Actions Short term (1 - 4 years) The first 4 years we will be focusing on building up the facility and training staff and volunteers to our high standard as well as exposing Jedtwa and getting it known to the public. Funding will be used for: Facility Maintenance and constant upgrade Animal enclosure construction and upkeep Transport costs for animal collection and release trips Veterinary costs for animals Marketing expenses Animal feed Administration costs Long term (5 years+) From the 5th year onwards we strive to run the park as an industry forerunner that maintains a standard of nothing less than perfection Create a second to none rehabilitation centre Operate and maintain a state of the art wildlife sanctuary Expand the name to one that is known worldwide for striving nothing but the best.

Company Overview

we strive for conservation through education


The reason why Jedtwa wildlife sanctuary exists is simple. The exploitation and abuse of wildlife numbers is sickening. More and more wildlife species are being threatened and wildlife-numbers are declining. Numbers show that a shocking approximate 97% of wildlife casualties happen because of manmade hazards. Wildlife is our life and passion; we can t stand watching on the sideline waiting for miracle to happen. We need to make a change TODAY to preserve nature for wildlife and for our future generations. The number one reasons for declining wildlife populations are - Illegal (bush meat) trade - Increasing animal / human conflict - And ongoing destruction of ecosystem and habitat Sadly enough, a lot of people still do not care about their amazing heritage and its conservation or do not know about the problems that surround these topics. This is also a reason why its education about conservation is so important. Your help is very important. Thanks to our sponsors our animals have access to food, water, medication, specialized care and freedom. We cannot do this alone. We need you out there, whether it is financially, physically, by word of mouth or promotion. We can make a great contribution to rehabilitation in the sense of a Central li, and the plan to bring current politics within wildlife rehabilitation to an end. Everybody is working to the same goal, we should do this together if we really mean that we care about the animals. A lot of treatments, medication and techniques remain unexplored and new discoveries are not being communicated effectively., as the field of Wildlife medicine is still quite new. Together we can ensure a bright and free future for wildlife   Yours kindly, The Jedtwa team

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