Kandy Rugby Academy

Bogambara Grounds, 20000 Kandy

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KANDY RUGBY ACADEMY At The Kandy Rugby Academy Our aim is to provide the KIDS of today with a platform to show off their potential,learn new skills and techniques in a fun,inclusive and safe environment,all under the guidance of our highly qualified coaching staff. Age group 8 to 16 will be admitted to the Rugby Academy. ABOUT THE ACADEMY The Kandy Rugby Academy was established in 2014 to promote the development of junior rugby players in the Srilanka. The Academy is a not for profit organisation and is funded by our sponsors and Government grants. We are incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act of Srilanka. Coaching with the latest techniques and drawing on the wealth of professional playing and coaching experience and knowledge from our coaches, we focus on teaching our players how to excel in the game of rugby both on and off the field. We believe that practice of skills in competitive decision making environment is essential to player development. That is why we build decision making games and competitive activities into every training program. We believe that SUCCESS IS NO ACCIDENT, and success is a result of preparation. All our programs focus on preparing our athletes physically, mentally and socially, so they can be successful in rugby and in life. The Rugby Academy is truly focused on providing the best opportunities we can for all our players. We are collaborative with everyone to the betterment of rugby. We are prepared to work with and develop partnerships with any organisation that shares our passion for developing players and growing the game.