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Innovative Swiss designed and manufactured continuous belay systems for the aerial adventure industry. Installed in over 400 aerial adventure parks and high ropes courses worldwide.


Kanopeo was founded in 2010


The evolutIon of the RevolutIon
Kanopeo: Leading the Industry to new heights for over a decade

In 2006, Jacques Christinet and his longtime friend Vincent Hueber opened a high ropes adventure course in Zermatt, Switzerland.
At the time, they were limited to the traditional carabiner system. customers had to loosen the carabiner, clip and unclip on the safety cables at junctions and between elements. Jacques and Vincent quickly recognized this was a safety concern as the system left users vulnerable for a few short seconds.

In 2007, the two passionate mountaineers successfully designed and engineered an innovative system that would continuously secure the individual to the safety cable. Speedrunner I®, the world's first rolling continuous belay system, was introduced.
Speedrunner I® dramatically increased user safety. They retrofitted Forest Fun Park Zermatt with the revolutionary system, premiering the first aerial adventure park completely equipped with a rolling continuous belay system in the spring of 2009.

In 2010, Vincent Hueber and Jacques Christinet opened Kanopeo GmbH, updating the Speedrunner I® and re-introducing it as Saferoller®. The innovative rolling continuous belay system immediately caught the attention of a number
of aerial adventure park owner/operators who enthusiastically embraced the technologically superior system.

In their ongoing quest to serve the market, both introduced the Speedrunner® product line in 2012. Vincent conceived the Kanhook® (PPE) which set the bar for economical continuous belay systems.

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Our experienced team will help you harness the powerful Swiss designed and manufactured Saferoller® & Speedrunner® continuous belay systems and create your own custom aerial adventure park. Thorough analysis of existing structures and environment result in the efficient design and construction of indoor and outdoor attractions and operations.

Intelligent design maximizes return on investment by decreasing take off points, lowering staff and maintenance costs and increasing customer throughput and return rates.

Kanopeo's Swiss designed and manufactured Saferoller® and Speedrunner® continuous belay systems put Safety first. Our continuous belay systems have impeccable quality and unparalleled aesthetics.


Saferoller® is the world's first rolling continuous belay system. Designed for safety line out-of-reach and maximum adrenaline rush. Ideal for Saferoller® Kids Trail, aerial adventure parks and Zip Lines up of any length. From 4 years and up, it can be quickly adapted for persons with disabilities. Perfect for Team Building. Just slip on and roll. Fast, continuous end-to-end rolling and unparalleled hands free movement.

You're on a roll with Saferoller®

Speedrunner®is an economic solution with the industry first self-closing gap mechanism for your aerial adventure park. With the safety line at half height, it can be installed in a variety of configurations.

Speedrunner® continuous belay system can be quickly adapted for persons with reduced mobility or other disabilities. Perfect for Team Building. Just hook and go. Simply the most safe & secure system on the market.
Run free with Speedrunner®

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