Lemon Lounge

26A Ataturk Bulvari, 48840 Dalyan

☎: 05302235505


Price Range

$$$ (30-50)


To be launched May 2013! Lemon Lounge is the sister of our already famous Olive Lounge boat. Lemon Lounge will have again a very unique and warm ambiance, and will of course provide the same tours and services as your used to from our Olive Lounge.


Lemon Lounge - our second lounge boat in Dalyan! These are the tours we provide on our Lemon Lounge in 2013: Ekincik Bay Venture through the Ekincik caves whilst watching the colourful fish below. This tour is known for spectacular snorkelling! Bacardi Beach Bacardi Bay is a small and secluded pebble beach. Swimming & snorkelling at its best! Koycegiz Lake & Thermal & Mud Baths Relax and rejuvenate at the mud bath and hot sulphur springs and come back to Dalyan looking 10 years younger! Noon 2 Moon Start at noon and spend your day on our boat til midnight. Ideal for those late risers that want to combine different tours in one. Swim in the sea during the day and watch the sun set from our boat, topping it off with a lake tour to watch the stars at night. Prices All tours (bar the Noon 2 Moon) are 10:00 to 18:00. The Noon 2 Moon tours are 100 TL p.p. Adults: 70 TL p.p. June/July/August/September Adults: 60 TL p.p. April/May/October Kids under twelve: half price Kids up under four: FREE Food During our tours we will offer you a variety of delicious authentic Turkish dishes. All of our dishes are prepared fresh each day by mama Canser. We use vegetables grown and even the yoghurt, milk, cheese, and of course eggs are provided by our own cows and chickens. One thing is sure, you will not leave our boat with an empty stomach! Private Tours It is possible to hire the Lemon Lounge for a private tour. Feel free to ask us for a price quote.