Light Flight

Light Flight Farm, Old Georgedale Road, 3680 Cato Ridge, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

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For anybody who has ever yearned to fly, there is no better experience than that of fun flying. Come & learn to fly light sport aircraft with us.


Light Flight was founded in The Light Flight Farm. I had a dream. When I moved to Cato Ridge from Botswana to start a microlight school, I had been living and working in the wilderness


LIGHT FLIGHT 25 years ago Light Flight got its operating certificate and started teaching people to fly Trikes out of the old Cato Ridge Airfield. Light Flight Flying School is still in Cato ridge but is now based on Light Flight Farm with runways 01-19 of 750 meters and 06-24 of 500 meters. Owning the land on which the school is based has had the desired effect of long term stability, facilitating a good environment for students to learn to fly in. Within 10 minutes flying time from Light Flight there are 8 other interesting private airfields that the school has access to and this greatly broadens student’s experience. Pietermaritzburg Airport is just a few minutes away for controlled airport training. South Africa’s warm, lush, flying friendly East Coast is 20 minutes away and the monumental Drakensberg mountains are easily flown in 40 minutes. The school fleet consists of two Aeroprakt A22 Foxbats, a full house Sling (for which Light Flight are agents) and an Aquilla Trike. Light Flight also offers tail dragger training and has access to several other LSA types. Two A-grade instructors, CFI Noel McDonogh and owner Geoff Dyer, live on the farm and together have over 12000 hours and 30 years experience on most types of Light Sport and weight-shift aircraft from hang gliders to the latest Sling. Mathew Greef has joined Light Flight and is doing most of the Trike training whilst building hours on fixed wing. For 25 years Light Flight has been guiding people through the exciting process of learning to fly. Between 10 and 20 pilots on average have been licensed every year. Instructor courses were a hallmark at Light Flight for many years. They are currently being revived to cover Trikes and Light Sport Aircraft. Light Flight is one of the few part 62 National Pilot Licence schools in South Africa and the only one in Kwa-Zulu Natal that offers full time professional flying training on a fleet of small aircraft including hire and fly when the student has completed his or her licence. The future: Light Flight will continue to be at the leading edge of Light flying training by virtue of a combination of dedicated professional instructors, experience, the best aircraft the fast evolving industry produces, and an excellent flying environment.

Company Overview

Since 1988 we have been offering full time professional training. Light Flight School offers ab initio training for those who have never flown, conversions to most types of microlights and light sport planes, Instructor courses, advanced flying courses, game management and aerial photography. Our aircraft are an excellent platform for photography.


To educate the aviation enthusiasts about fun recreational flying. You don t need to have maths or science to fly: we will teach you what you need to know.