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Wool and woolen products.

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Wool and woolen products.


Once upon a time, in a forest far, far away... Seems like we are about to tell you a story. We are! Let us tell you the story of the beauty that an old craftsmanship reveals. Not that long ago, in a town not that far, far away, in a country not that unknown, a man assembled and brought to live an old carder. Little Eagle was it named. Touched by the sunlight and the human spirit to create, its dusty wings spread and started to uncover soft fields of finest wool - pleasure to touch, comfort to wear and sweet challenge to play with. Back in the year 1994 did this start. And still today Little Eagle sings in the mechanic rhythm of its iron heart a song about the skilful hands and a craftsmanship that lives. You like our story? Visit us in our eagle nest in Pernik, Karamanitsa district, Bulgaria to enjoy the spirit of our authentic carding machines (only 30 km drive from Sofia). Or you think Bulgaria is really far, far away? Then stay on-line with us. Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and order our products on or contact us directly.