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Agricultural Company


MBV was founded in 1989

Company Overview

The company was founded by MBV Bosko Milinkovic back in 1989. As a private company to trade spare parts for agricultural machinery. In 1993. Bosko decided to dedicate next trade areas and producing the same, and then get the first machine and started producing parts. From year to year the number of production machines has increased, and the number of items that are produced in our factory. In 2009. MBV from the manufacturing plant s output and the first complete machines, and since then in terms of production machinery special attention paid to the quality of the products both in terms of achieving exceptional results in the use of our machines, and in terms of quality of materials and workmanship so that they could be extremely durable and reliable. The aim of the company is to MBV name of the machine is synonymous with quality of work and quality in duration and as such a recognizable market. To achieve this, we have hired leading engineers, improve the production process, use the experience from the previous placement machine, consult the end customers and listening to their comments and suggestions, and made machinery tailor our farmers. The procedure for obtaining a CE certificate of quality that will enable us to export markets in Western Europe. Our products have achieved significant success in the markets of Croatia and Romania, and plans to qualify for the markets of Hungary, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria ... That our company MBV failed to produce superior quality agricultural machine testify and gold medals for the quality that we ve won the international agricultural fairs in Novi Sad 2010th and 2012. This recognition strengthened us in striving for the best quality, because our slogan company that the quality still exist. In addition to these awards, we have received a further 5 gold one silver medal for quality products, but our greatest reward a smile on his face and a friendly greeting our customers. In addition to production, a significant part of the business MBV-and makes the import and sale of other agricultural machinery and spare parts. We are agents of renowned house AGROMEHANIKA from Slovenia, which produces a sprayer and articulated tractors, OFAS from Italy that manufactures discs for harrows and spring-loaded for seedbed, and other European companies from which we import machinery and parts. A large part of pordaje machine and make machines that are imported from Turkey. They are cultivators, harrows short, companies ILGI rollers, plows manufacturer NHT Aydin Pulluk, fertilizer companies Donder. All these products are a big market in Western countries, so that they have become synonymous with good quality. The range of MBV-and there are also machines and other domestic manufacturers, as part of the sale, we have a retail facility in Vrsac, where parts are sold. To MBV able to retain the title of manufacturers and merchants who care about their customers, within the company s service center for repair machine in the guarantor within and outside. For intervention on our products provided the vehicle and service that are at all times ready to come out and solve the problem arose. The quality of our products and our business witnessed a very large number of buyers from all over the country and beyond, to which today we have contacts at various events and exhibitions, and always glad to meet with customers smiling, and give each other a hand. This has so far failed, and we will try to do so forever remain so.


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