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Our services are state-of-the-art, fast, all-natural. We identify & solve problems. We provide air quality testing, mould removal, odour elimination...


MR NATURAL is a Vancouver based environmental engineering firm. Our core focus and services are interconnected with holistic and natural solutions for environments with poor air quality. We are passionate about improving the health and wellness of our clients. With many cutting edge technologies and a wide array of skills and knowledge, we demonstrate exceptional results. Typical clients range from residential to industrial. Solutions are required for problems in like mould and odours in homes and business to large scale projects such as schools, BC Ferries, the aquarium and other public places. Our services for Vancouver and the lower mainland include air quality testing, odour neutralization, mould remediation, marijuana growop remediation, smoke restoration, EMF testing, asbestos and lead testing, air purification, surface decontamination, air quality consulting and thermal imaging surveys. MR NATURAL is the official distributor of the ODOROX® hydroxyl generators for the province of BC. For concerns about your indoor environment, contact MR NATURAL toll-free at 1-855-SO-NATURAL or find us online at

Company Overview

MR NATURAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERS provides services relating to indoor air quality. We provide air quality testing and sampling, mould inspection, mould remediation, odour elimination and solutions to poor indoor air quality. We distribute and rent ODOROX® hydroxyl generators for the province of BC. Mr Natural is headquartered in Vancouver with services throughout the lower mainland.


A responsible, progressive business providing a sustainable & byproduct free service. We are at the top of our game and will always recommend the best approach to indoor air quality.


Odorox Hydroxyl Generators, Ozone Generators, FrequenSea, Structured water, Ionized Alkaline Water Purification Systems, Ozonated Water Cleaning Systems, Mould Removal, Air Quality Testing, Odour Removal, Mould Inspection and Testing, Air Purification, Occupational Hygiene.