NEXT Alternative




Albert Spahiu Menaxher i Programeve +377 44 561 165 [email protected]


Center for Practice and Alternative Development NEXT Alternative , is an independent center, Non-Governmental Organization. NEXT Alternative, aims to be a serious partner in building and developing best practices as to any idea or project. NEXT Alternative offers design and consultancy services for capacity building for client organizations. Excellency committed, totally independent and focused on the value of re markets, we design and offer inovative solutions to complex business issues. Founded in late 2008, begins by helping business organizations and providing services to their planing. NEXT Alternative has established itself as the home of consultancy and training in the local context and particularly in raising the national services and functions.


Vision We intend to promote free market values and society, with standard practice. Also are the leader in the region for providing consultancy for capacity building and superior inovation. Mission To build the most sophisticated practices developing strategy. Suporting new strategies doing research & analysis, busines plans, project plans, tables & conferences, local and national fairs, seminars, ceremonies openings, workshops, debates, training & education, advocacy campaigns and active participation in development proceses.