Parish of St. Francis Xavier Nasugbu Batangas


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For Inquiries kindly contact our Parish Office at (043) 416 0564 and look for Ms. Rosalie Dastas (Parish Secretary)


In 1581, the Jesuits arrived in Balayan. The Inmaculada Concepcion and San Juan Bautista became the patrons of the parish. Nasugbu belonged to the mother church of Balayan until 1852. Saint Francis Xavier became the patron and Nuestra Senora Virgen de la Escalera became the secondary patroness. The story goes that La Virgen appeared on the staircase of the hacienda of the Roxas family, hence her title as Nuestra Senora Virgen de la Escalera. A more reasonable explanation is that the Jesuits as well as the Roxas family already had a devotion to La Virgen de la Escalera because they gave thanks to her when they crossed the ocean going to Spain. Whatever the origins of the Virgin may be, she is still well loved and highly venerated by the faithful of Nasugbu. It is said that during times of calamity, the miraculous Virgen de la Escalera appears to the people of Nasugbu. Viva Nuestra Senora Virgen de la Escalera! After Vatican II, only one patron saint per town was allowed. As a result, Saint Francis Xavier was given the status. Our Lady, however, remained honored and venerated by Nasugbuenos. A recent re-interpretation of that Vatican II decree, however, allowed the return of the original patroness. Hence, on September 4, 2005, she was given a beautiful and spectacular coronation ceremony by the beloved Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa. A grand Marian procession followed afterwards. Today, she proudly intercedes as co-patron with Saint Francis Xavier for the town of Nasugbu. The two patrons lead Christian souls to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.