Preveza, Greece



Preveza is a town in the region of Epirus, northwestern Greece, located at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf. It is the capital of the regional unit of Preveza, which is part of the region of Epirus. The Aktio-Preveza Immersed Tunnel, the first and so far only undersea tunnel in Greece, was completed in 2002 and connects Preveza to Aktio in western Acarnania in the region of Aetolia-Acarnania. The ruins of the ancient city of Nicopolis lie 7km north of the city.Origin of the nameDespite the three different views, which have been put forward by the academic society on the origin of the navhe most accepted view is that Preveza means Passage, and that the word reached this form from the Slavic, through the Albanian language. The first view suggests that the naviginates from the Slavic word prěvozъ, which means passage. This view is adopted mainly by: Max Vasmer, Diogenis Chariton, Fyodor Uspensky, Ioannis Demaratos, Peter Soustal & Johannes Koder, Alexios G. Savvides, Elias Vasilas, Nikos D. Karabelas, Demosthenis A. Donos, and others. The second view suggests that the name originates from the old Albanian word prevëzë -za, which means paggage, transition, crossing over. This view is adopted mainly by: Petros Fourikis, Konstantinos Amantos, Max Vasmer, Peter Soustal & Johannes Koder, Alexis G.K. Savvides, Nikos D. Karableas, Demosthenis A. Donos, and others. The third view suggests that the word originates from the Italian word prevesione, which means provision, supply. This view was mainly adopted by Panagiotis Aravantinos.