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A Consultancy firm confines its expertise in two major fields; Academics and Business. Research Academic Consultants looks after the academic writing Research Academy Business Consultancy deals with business planning and advisory services.


We excel in academic writing services. The main focus of our company is to provide on time quality work with 100% original contents and ideas. We understand the level of anxiety that is deep rooted with the pressure of coursework, research reports, essays, research proposal, dissertations and many others. This is the core reason that Research Academy has hired the best professional writers from all over the world to provide you with assistance in every type of academic writing. With our extensive list of professional writers, we assure you a first rated quality work in almost every field of academics. Since our writers can work for British, Australian as well as American education system, they are profoundly acquainted with their internal requirements and specification. This has greatly strengthened our clientele, as our clients prefer Research Academy for its proficiency with all education systems in lieu of taking the hassle themselves. We will never offer you a plagiarized paper or a low-quality piece of work. All of our work is guaranteed to be professional and original. We have years of experience needed to know exactly what you need, and our clients prefer us. We are in the field of writing and data analysis for over more than 7 years and have assisted students and researchers in more than 47000 academic projects, coursework and thesis. The team at Research Academy are qualified experienced writers and researchers that include PhD holders, professional writers, statisticians and research analyst who offer cutting edge research consulting and writing services to meet your business information and academic project requirements. Our experts have passion towards writing and any work delivered by them is therefore highly professional and technical. In Dissertation and Thesis writing panel, our statisticians have a sound knowledge in theoretical and practical aspects, who can handle most of the leading statistical applications. We offer high quality writing services on vast field and provide instant support. You can order the whole paper or any part of your thesis. Unlike other dissertation services, we provide personal assistant to the student in all aspects. Here at Research Academy, our dissertation and thesis consulting services expedite both the proposal approval and final approval processes. Consulting services include management, marketing economics, political science, psychology, law, criminology, law, Health care field etc. Our Services 1. Essay writing service 2. Research Paper writing service 3. Dissertation writing service 4. Book Review service 5. Movie Review service 6. PowerPoint Presentation service 7. Coursework writing service 8. Research Proposal writing service 9. Editing and proofreading service Research Academy Business Consultancy was established in 2007 to address a gap in the research and consulting industry in global emerging markets. Unlike most consultants that focus on traditional consumer research, our founders saw a profound need for holistic research projects. These projects integrate traditional customer research with knowledge of the broader business eco-system; for instance, competitors, channels, legal and regulatory factors. They support strategic decision-making for market growth and entry. Our studies provide indispensable tools for creating business plans, setting sales quotas, quantifying budgets and investment as well as making product launch decisions. Research Academy Business Consultancy helps entrepreneurs become more successful. Since 2007, we have helped over 2500 entrepreneurs to successfully start and grow their companies. Research Academy Business Consultancy accomplishes this through our suite of services and products that solve the key needs of entrepreneurs. These needs include: expertly identifying and pursuing new opportunities, developing business plans, raising capital, building marketing and growth strategies, and developing and executing a plan. Research Academy Business Consultancy exists to undertake such projects with distinction.


Research Academy Business Consultancy’s mission is to help all entrepreneurs succeed so they can create jobs, grow economies, offer customers better products and services, realize great personal satisfaction and wealth, and fund programs that make the world a better place.