Sandalu Eco Resorts

Knuckles Mountain Range, Bambarella, 20838 Tawalantenna, Sri Lanka

☎: +94771188577 +94772317555


Price Range

$$ (10-30)


The Sandalu situated 80km from Colombo (a 2.5 hour drive) in a sleepy riverside village called Kithulgala, sandwiched between the famous west coast and the towering central highlands. A small picturesque spot on the banks of the Kelani River, Kithulgala i


This is more a “garden hotel” with a comfortable and stylish interior. To maintain the romance, peace and privacy here, guests can retire to the peace and seclusion of their own world overlooking a cool and refreshing the range of misty mountains kissing the blue sky. Sandalu Leisure is located at Knuckles Mountain Range which is a major eco tourism venue of Sri Lanka and has been declared a conservation area, now known as the Knuckles National Heritage and Wilderness Area. Which have a wide variety of endemic fauna & flora and mountain scenery of Sri Lanka. Knuckles range is home to mammals such as Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, Giant Squirrel, Barking Deer, Purple Faced Leaf Monkey, Mongoose and Porcupine are found here. Albino Barking Dears (Sudu Gona) is a common seen that you can observe from your room window. It is a paradise for those who love to hike or mountain bike, offering numerous mountains trails that journey across clear rivers, through dense forests, past flowing waterfalls and lush tea plantations and alongside terraced paddy fields and colorful kandyan home gardens.