Shipka is a town in central Bulgaria, part of Kazanlak Municipality, Stara Zagora Province. It lies in the Central Balkan Mountains, at, 650 metres above sea level. As of 2005, Shipka has a population of 1,398 and the mayor is Stoyan Ivanov.The town is known for being located near the historic Shipka Pass, the location of several key battles in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78. Local sights include the Shipka Memorial on Stoletov Peak, the Buzludzha Monument, the Russian-style Shipka Memorial Church and the recently discovered Thracian tomb Golyamata Kosmatka.The population is overwhelmingly Eastern Orthodox and ethnically Bulgarian, with a notable minority of Karakachans .Shipka PassShipka Pass (Шипченски проход, Shipchenski prohod) (el. 1150 m./3820 ft.) is from the town, and connects the town with Gabrovo.During the Russo-Turkish War, Shipka Pass was the scene of a series of conflicts collectively named the Battle of Shipka Pass.