Ta Tanka Africa Wildlife Adventures

Clanwilliam, Western Cape

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Ta Tanka Africa offers true bush adventures. Set on a private Wild Game Farm specializing in wildlife photography. 2000ha of rehabilitated wild game land.


Ta Tanka Africa is a project of film maker/ conservationist Warrick Mc Leod. Wildlife photography has always been the domain of the lucky and wealthy. Hunting has been the bread bucket for conservation in Africa. At Ta Tanka we will explore the possibility that photography and other non invasive projects can help sustain and propagate the game instead of hunting as an income for the farms. At Ta Tanka we wish to open the fields to study. With a backpacker and camp site in the old Lion camps. We offer resident internships and study opportunities, work experience and volunteer work. lodges avail. For a walk in the wilds, spend an afternoon in a hide, explore the rock art caves or get involved in one of our projects. More info avail [email protected] Surrounded by picturesque Cederberg mountain rocks, fynbos of the renosterveld and early morning mist from the sea...discover this unique photographic safari game farm a mere 2.5 hours from Cape Town. This 2000ha biodiverse floral kingdom has more than 8000 species sustaining Cape Leopard, Cape mt Zebra, Cape Buffalo, Eland, Wildebeest, Impala, Springbok, Oryx, Kudu, Hartebeest and more, reintroduced in 1995 after a 100+ year absence. Here you can come close to the bushman rock art more than 10 000 years old and track animals on a real safari at Ta Tanka Game Reserve. Visitors can enjoy guided walks with our experienced rangers. Experience the 5 trillion star night sky ancient paintings on sandstone rock, and share your own safari tales at the bush lapa fire.