Terabyte Coding

1684 Johannesburg, Gauteng

☎: 0735277220



We are young and independent information technology company that focuses its businesses on developing systems and websites


Terabyte Coding was founded in Sfiso Nyathikazi


Terabyte Coding focuses on the following core areas: cluster development (event, research and networking), business development (for example by providing affordable website hosting and IT skills), new business creation (assisting with venture capital, facilities, introduction and advice) and skills development (internships and mentoring programmes). The other area of focus is research and policy development. Terabyte Coding is in the process of building a database of the IT industry in KwaZulu Natal (KZN) to assist local business development through entrepreneurial support programmes and to continue to play an important role in enabling ICT in the region, creating necessary linkages both internationally.


Our Mission is to transform businesses to mobile for easy access and management, and to solve your business problems by providing a good system, website and other related technical problems for your business and also we stimulate and promote IT and communication industries in South Africa and by doing so, to create jobs and prosperity.


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