The SUB Records

Ιασονίδου 24, 55236 Thessaloníki, Greece

☎: 6946770671



Music Creation And Production Studio | Live Sound Engineering And Lighting | Production, Mixing, Orchestrating, Mastering.


Music Creation And Prodution Studio. Gear: Microphones: 2x Behringer B1 Gold Edition. 1x AKG C2000B. 1x AKG Solidtube. 2x SHURE SM58. 2x SHURE Beta 58A. 3x RODE K2 Tube Codenser Microphone. 1x RODE NT 1000. x2 RODE PSM-1 Shock Mount. Main Monitors: GENELEC 8030APM. Booth Monitors: Adam A5 Pro. Headphones: AKG K141. Audio Technica ATH-910 Pro. Main Console: YAMAHA MG-24FX. Booth Console: BEHRINGER XENYX 1222FX. Mic Preamp: ART TUBE DPS 2. Sound Card: MOTU 2408 and MOTU PCI Express-424. E-MU 0404 Professional Studio Sound Card Roland Human Rythm Composer R5. E-MU Professional Proteus 2000. Compressor: DBx 119 Main & Expansion. Sequencer: Steinberg Cubase 5, Propellerhead Reason 4. PC: Apple Mac PRO 8 Core OSX Lion 10.7.