YDC Advertising

149 Margarita Street, Barangay 4, 04231 Nasugbu, Batangas

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We help local businesses improve their marketing thru our YDC magazine that reaches 10,000 households (50k individuals) within Nasugbu and Lian Batangas.


YDC Advertising was founded in Hosfelito O. Fines and Karen Clyde H. Fines


We design, print, conceptualize, and with partnership with PHILPOST Philippines distribute ads and partner with local businesses to help them with their marketing and advertisements for maximum profit and desired brand image for their business. Services Readers Use YDC Magazine over and over again Because it s a magazine, The YDC Magazine is treated as such and the readers review it repeatedly. Its shelf life is normally six weeks in the home giving your message repeated exposure allowing consumers to memorize your brand as well as respond to your promotions. Direct Mail to the Household is Today s Best Marketing Tool! With YDC Magazine, it is a proven fact. This magazine format and our direct-mail delivery mechanism give your message the strongest impact possible as it utilizes the combined power of an assorted variety of cherished local merchants. Making your offer part of a bigger package adds to the effectiveness. If they are not saving the magazine for your particular ad, they are saving it for someone else in the magazine which translates into them viewing you again and again for only a couple of cents per household. Today s consumers have less and less free time. They will not go through newspaper page after newspaper page looking for sales and bargains. The YDC Magazine gives them everything they want quickly and efficiently. Check the businesses in the latest YDC Magazine. Print out some money savings coupons. Currently, we are taking ads for the May/June issue which is being mailed to 10,000 households in the community of Nasugbu and Lian Batangas. Do you want to reach the 50,000 consumers residing in these 10,000 homes? My direct mailed magazine gets your message into the home. There is nothing more effective. If you re spending money on advertising and haven t tried direct mail, you are making a costly mistake.


We commit ourselves to provide the MOST EFFECTIVE advertising and marketing medium available to all local businesses, professionals and merchants in the communities that we are in.


Reach 10,000 local households (50,000 individuals) in their homes from Lian and Nasugbu Batangas for only 0.37 cents per household! That s cheaper than a business card! How much would you spent for the printing and distribution of 10,000 flyers? that ll just stay in their bags or got thrown in the garbage? or with sign boards that only the same people that pass by everyday can only see it? do you think they can even read your ads or write your contacts while they re driving? absolutely no. With YDC Advertising Magazine your ads can get a lasting impression with the people because our magazines are premium looking, fully colored, and have a lot of a very attractive ads and pictures in it that s why people will keep it in their homes, read it, flip it, or they might not be looking for your ads but when they re looking for coupons for discounts they ll see yours too!! therefore increasing the effectiveness of your ads.